Tips to Improve PTCL EVO Internet Speed

By | May 27, 2012

If you have PTCL 3G device EVO, you must have faced problems relating to slow download speed and slow YouTube videos. It is not necessary that browsing and download speed would be high if the signal strength is full. There are other factors which causes you such types of problems.

There are mainly three reasons due to which you can face slow internet:

  • Your computer specifications such as RAM and cache memory
  • Browser you use
  • Viruses and Anti-Viruses

YouTube and browsing related issues evolve if there is not enough RAM or your computer is using too much memory. It slows down the video and you face too many breaks in watching videos or flash applications. To solve this problem, close all the applications in your computer and try refreshing your browser by clearing Cookies, Caches and saved WebPages. If you are using Google Chrome, press Ctrl+H and mark all history to delete cookies and caches. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, go to options (or click firefox tab at top left side in new Firefox browser), click History and mark and clear it. Now close and restart your browser and you will feel the difference.

Try using Google Chrome or new version of Firefox. Reinstall browsing may also help you in refreshing it. Always check for latest viruses and malware in browser. Try keeping your browser clean from useless plug-ins.

Some viruses and registry errors cause your computer to slow down. Install anti-virus and check and remove registry errors.

Sometimes Anti-Viruses looks EVO software suspiciously and blocks and slow down the data. In new Huawei EVO device this problem is solved by making but in old devices such as ZTE when used in windows XP with anti-virus, may slow down the speed. Windows 7 have no problem using any EVO device with anti-virus.

If you want to download 100s of MBs, try using EVO at late at night. It is observed that speed boosts up from 2am to 8am at morning.

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6 thoughts on “Tips to Improve PTCL EVO Internet Speed

  1. Pavel

    Etisalat company ptcl with ppp gvnnremeot both unjustice corrupt for his workers, every time ptcl non-gazzated staff carrying for departmental promotion / pay revised 2011 ignored , ptcl introduced EVO . where the justice for employees, WAIT WAITING . deth keeps no clender

  2. Kaleem

    I;m using EVO 3.1Mbps wow. but i have never get speed more than 25-30Kbps. I live in Karachi near Jinnah terminal where PTCL main office located at Sharea Faisal. I have clled to PTCL help line but no solution. Wateen wireless 1Mbps is much much much better than this.

    1. admin Post author

      When large number of people use EVO in an area, its speed is distributed among all of them. That is why surfing and downloading speed of 3G connection slows down significantly. There is nothing we can do if this is the case.

      1. Counsel

        If you live in Punjab and you do not get the results that are advertised or promised by the company or where there is an expected standard level of service and if it is not being given.

        Then in all above cases you may complaint to that company and ask for a resolution deadline. At expiry of deadline if your problem persists then simply write an application to the DCO (District Coordination Officer) of your district. In that application give very brief facts about your availed service, payment made, complaint made and that service promised is not being given and that the case should be taken up by Consumer Protection Council.
        Mention your name, address and phone number and attach all relevant document like contract copy or payment receipts.

        This application should be sent through registered mail (UMS or Courier) to the DCO or personally submitted in Diary/English branch of DCO office. If using mail keep the receipt or if personally submitted keep the diary number.

        No money is to be paid to any one during whole process (except the mailing charges).Consumer Protection officer will service notice to the relevant business and if the problem is not solved then the case will be presented to the Consumer Court.


  3. Muh

    I bought it form ptcl OSS but its performance is very poor.
    diconnected again and again after 10 or 20 mints
    register may complaints but no response.
    i suggest you all never buy it.


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